HBO Succession Season 4: Which Roy will win the show’s last season?

Note: This article contains spoilers for the first three seasons of Succession. When we last saw Kendall, Shiv and Roman Roy, they were reeling from both parents’ betrayal. It’s usually just their father, Logan, who slips the knife between their ribs. There have been countless backstabbings Succession, but none like the one that punctuated the … Read more

SEC sues Justin Sun for his crypto schemes, along with Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul, and Soulja Boy

Today the SEC announced the civil charges against Sun and eight celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul and Soulja Boy. In a complaint filed Wednesday, the SEC says the cryptocurrency entrepreneur engaged in market manipulation and unregistered offering and sale of securities by dealing with his TRX and BTT crypto assets. Celebrities who have advertised … Read more

How BookTokers get paid – Vox

Walk into a Barnes & Noble these days, and you’ll see a peculiar sight. Instead of Barnes & Noble branding everywhere, there’s BookTok branding everywhere. Tables of books emblazoned with BookTok signs, pushing the books that are popularly recommended on TikTok’s reading community. A little reading journal for sale titled BookTok Made Me Read It. … Read more

ChatGPT comes for radio – The Verge

This is Warm pod, The limitnewsletter on podcasting and the audio industry. Sign up here for more. It’s been pretty slow in the audio world the past few weeks — except when it comes to AIwhich seems to be proceeding at a rapid pace. Today, ChatGPT hits the radio, NPR employees prepare for layoffs, and … Read more

After a string of creator controversies, Twitch is pretty sure it made the right changes

Despite a number of recent controversies, from unpopular monetization changes to rampant ads to high-profile creators leaving for YouTube, Twitch thinks now is the best time to be on the platform. “I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to start streaming on Twitch,” said Tom Verrilli, chief product officer at Twitch. In January, … Read more