Alex Jones has filed for bankruptcy

Infowars founder Alex Jones has filed for personal bankruptcy following a $1 billion defamation fine. As reported by Reuters this morning, Jones filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in a Houston courthouse this morning. Jones’ company, Free Speech Systems, filed for bankruptcy in July. Today’s bankruptcy filing indicates that Jones has 50 to 99 creditors. … Read more

US teases ‘major’ science news amid fusion energy reports

This would be the first time researchers have successfully produced more energy in a fusion reaction — the same kind that powers the Sun — than is expended in the process, a potentially important step in the quest for zero-carbon energy. Image for representation. | Photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto The US Department of Energy said … Read more

Epic is shutting down online services for classic Rock Band and Unreal Tournament games

Epic Games is starting to shut down online services for a large selection of its older games, including Rock band 1 through 3, The Beatles: rock groupAnd Unreal Tournament 2003 And 2004. The company is making the changes as “we move to exclusively support Epic Online Services with its unified friend system, voice chat functionality, … Read more

FIFA World Cup: The conversation has not come up, says Portugal coach Fernando Santos on Cristiano Ronaldo row

Portugal manager Fernando Santos has played down the controversy surrounding striker Cristiano Ronaldo by saying the conversation has not yet begun. Portugal will face Ghana in their Group H opener. New Delhi,UPDATED: November 24, 2022 04:06 AM CET Santos downplays Cristiano Ronaldo controversy in Portugal (AP) From India Today Web Desk: Portugal manager Fernando Santos … Read more

Keychron Q10 review: all-aluminum Alice board

Keychron keeps doing it. Since we reviewed the Keychron Q2 in January 2022, it’s revamped the Q1 and launched 12 other Q-series boards, from a regular old full-size down to an ultracompact. There’s even an HHKB. But maybe the most uncommon is the Q10: a 75 percent Alice layout mechanical keyboard with a milled aluminum … Read more

Sci-Five | The Hindu Science Quiz: on NASA’s moon missions

science fiction | The Hindu Science Quiz: About NASA’s lunar missions NASA’s next-generation lunar rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket with Orion crew capsule, takes off from Launch Complex 39-B for the unmanned Artemis I mission to the moon, Cape Canaveral, Florida, on November 16, 2022. START THE QUIZ 1/5 | NASA’s new moon … Read more

Scientists discover five new species of black corals

Black corals can be found growing both in shallow water and down to depths of over 26,000 feet. Image for representation. | Photo credit: AP Using a remote-controlled submarine, my colleagues and I have discovered five new species of black coral living up to 760 meters deep below the surface in the Great Barrier Reef … Read more